One of Ours Needs Your Help

A few weeks ago Thinking of Rob posted how Shannon, someone who has been helping ToR and has been part of ToR from the start, was going through a rough time. Her husband fell through a skylight 25 feet to the ground. He survived but had many injuries and required various surgeries

Unfortunately they were in the process of renewing their insurance when this happened and a few days before the accident, their insurance ran out… Shannon received her 1st hospital bill this week. It’s 136,000.00$ US. This is the first of many bills. For this family, this could mean losing it all.

We want to help them in any way possible. I’ll be offering to make a custom wallpaper or banner for the highest bidder AND helping you on the way and a basic design of a brand new WordPress site. If you have anything for the auction or more ideas on how to help: please leave your message in the comments here or on Thinking of Rob

Read the rest of the info on Thinking of Rob by clicking here




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