AMAZING stuff up for auction to help someone in need!!

***Auctions are worldwide***

The auctions will all end on

Friday the 23rd of September at 5:00PM EST 

Items Listed 

– #1 White Cover Twilight Books set of 4 (Donated by Robluscious)

– #2 SIGNED Customized Jacon & Marlena WFE Dolls autographed by Sara Gruen (Donated by Morgan)
– #4 Details Magazine (Donated by DreamySim1)
– #5 VF 2009 Magazine (Donated by DreamySim1)  Auction already closed
– #6 SIGNED Copy of Outlander by Diana Galbadon 
(Donated by FPOnTheDL)
– #7 Customized wallpaper or banner made by DreamySim1
– #8 SIGNED Entertainment Weekly autographed by KRISTEN STEWART 
(Donated by IAm_ECHELON)
– #9 5 Eclipse photos, stickers, magnet, 2 bracelets (Donated by marysolsm)

– #10 SIGNED ToR poster autographed by ROBER PATTINSON, Christoph Waltz and Francis Lawrence (Donated by Slowie)
– #11 Kristen Elle UK Magazine  
(Donated by Slowie)

– #12 French NM DVD Box Set (Donated by PattyStewBoneCity)
– #13 Lot of Twilight French Magazine 
(Donated by PattyStewBoneCity)

– #14 2 posters of Rob as Edward (one from Twilight, one from New Moon) Small poster of Jacob NM (Donated by fluffyMina)
– #16 Twilight Director’s Notebook (German) (Donated by fluffyMina)
– #17 Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion (Donated by fluffyMina)
– #18 New Moon Illustrated Companion (Donated by fluffyMina)
 #19 I Love Barnes Tote (Donated by TeamPattinsonUK)
 #20 Italian Vanity Fair Magazine (donated by JellyBeanRainbow)
 #21 Breaking Dawn Comic-Con Badges (Donated by JellyBeanRainbow)

 #22 Hunger Games Poster (donated by JellyBeanRainbow)
 #23 Entertainment Weekly Magazine Breaking Dawn
 (Donated by LadyFairyPants)

 #24 Percy Jackson Series (Donated by Slowie)
 #25 SIGNED Alex Meraz Photo (Donated by IAm_ECHELON)
#26 Amazing print of Edward Cullen (donated by our affiliates PattinsonUK)

 #27 Vanity Fair 2009 Magazine (donated by vampirefreak101 –For those bidding on the one on ToR this is another copy!)
 #28 Jacob New Moon doll (Donated by SexiLexiCullen)

 #29 Nylon Magazine with Jackson Rathbone (Donated by JustJo)
 #30 Robert Pattinson Posters (Donated by JustJo)
 #31 New Moon pins (Donated by JustJo)
 #32 GQ Magazine South Africa (donated by JustJo55)
 #33 Robert Pattinson book (donated by JustJo55) 
 #34 Details Magazine (donated by JustJo55)
 #35 New Moon Edward Doll (donated by JustJo55) 
 #36 New Moon Jacob Doll (donated by JustJo55)
 #37 Twilight trading Cards set (donated by JustJo55)
 #38 New Moon trading Cards set (donated by JustJo55)
#39 SIGNED 1st edition hardcover of  Dead Reckoning by Charlain Harris
 (Donated by LochenEileen)

 #40 SIGNED 1st edition, hardcover of River Marked by Patricia Briggs (donated by Locheneileen)
 #41 SIGNED 1st edition, hardcover of Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich. (donated by Locheneileen)
 #42 SIGNED copy of  Virals by Kathy Reich (donated by Locheneileen)
 #43 SIGNED copy of Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins (donated by Locheneileen)
 #44 SIGNED copy of  Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins (donated by Locheneileen)
 #45 Vogue Magazine with Kristen Stewart (donated by IrishTwiFicster)
 #46 Harper’s Bazaar Magazine (donated by IrishTwiFicster) 
 #47 SIGNED copy of New Moon by PETER FACINELLI (donated by IrishTwiFicster) 
 #48 Twilight trading Cards set and New Moon buttons (donated by ABF_)
 #49 SIGNED copy of Vampire Darcy’s Desire by Regina Jeffers (donated by bookobsessive)
 #50 Water for Elephants Poster (Magazine size) (donated by JellyBeanRainbow)
#51 Edward Cullen Banner (donated by Robnation)
 #52 Water for Elephants New York Premiere coffee table book (made and donated by Water for Elephants Fan Blog )
 #53 Two sets of Rob/Edward Cullen Silhouette Cards (donated by SereniTwi)
 #54 Water for Elephants Movie tie in book (donated by TwiBritneyFan)
 #55 Remember Me DVD (donated by TwiBritneyFan)
 #56 The Messengers DVD (donated by TwiBritneyFan)
 #57 Vanity Fair Magazine 2011 (donated by TwiBritneyFan)
 #58 Remember Me Set PROP!  (donated by Tracy)
 #59 SIGNED harcover, first edition of Eclipse autographed by Stephenie Meyer (donated by Tracy)

 #60 Water for Elephants mini poster (donated by debb24601)
 #61 hardcover copy of  ”The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide (donated by Christy)
 #62 Entertainment Weekly Magazine (donated by Linda)
 #63 The Sexy Stars of Eclipse magazine  (donated by MissImari101)
 #64 SIGNED Water for Elephants Movie tie-in book by Francis Lawrence (donated by WFEfilm)
 #66 Taylor Lautner Luminary (donated by AlohaSD)
#67 SIGNED copy of Divergent by Veronica Roth including temp tattoos (donated by VERONICA ROTH)
 #69 the Haunted Airman DVD (donated by TwiBritneyFan)
#70 Book: advance reader’s copy of the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (donated by Thinking of Rob)
 #71 Edward Cullen New Moon cardboard cutout (donated by FPOnTheDL)
 #72 Twi Cast pics (Donated by PhoenixMP3)
– #73 True Blood pics (Donated by PhoenixMP3)
#74 Vanity Fair 2011 (donated by  vampirefreak101)
 #75 Twilight Magazines (donated by  Eva)
 #76 Series City magazine with 10 posters (donated by FPOnTheDL)
 #77 Robert Pattinson in Premiere Magazine (Donated by FPOnTheDL)
 #78 Water for Elephants poster made by DreamySim1 (donated by FPOnTheDL)
 #79 SIGNED pic of CHARLEY BEWLEY (donated by PhoenixMP3)
 #80 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Blu-Ray – Region 2 (Europe) (donated by TwiLucy_UK)
 #81 Twilight Blu-Ray – Region 2 (Europe) (donated by TwiLucy_UK )
 #82 New Moon Movie Tie-In Book (donated by TwiLucy_UK)
 #83 SIGNED New Moon movie companion (donated by NEW MOON DIRECTOR CHRIS WEITZ)
 #84 Cardboard Rob (Twilight-Edward) that dated @theshagdaddy 

  FanFic Story contribution! (help donated by the girls at Fandom Fights Tsunami) 

For additional info you can contact us at or through Twitter @ThinkingofRob 

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