Shirt design Paparazzi Reform

If you know me just a little bit, you know I have something against invasive paparazzi and support the Paparazzi Reform Initiative. Paparazzi have always been a part of fame but they seem to get more and more disrespectful as time goes on. Sure: pics from the artists working or on set is okay, but taking their pics in their private time? Shoving a camera in their face while they’re in their most difficult, vulnerable or private of times? That to me is a big NO. Everyone is entitled to privacy, famous or not!

Ewan mcGregor says it well in this video

I wanted to help the Paparazzi Reform Initiative and their cause in some way and sent them a shirt design which they put up on their shop.

Every fan, media person or any other person interested in the famous people amongst us should know about the Paparazzi Reform Initiative and what they are trying to do. Have a heart and care about the artist you like.

Click here to read more about the Paparazzi Reform Initiative and learn about their cause

Click here to get the shirt/hoodie/sweater

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  2. I love this Sim!

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