Support Biel!

Biel (@100RobPattinson) is one of the most (if not THE most) amazing makers of fanvideos about Rob out there. She has a YouTube channel full of beautiful videos. Summit isn’t happy with that somehow and decided to take down two of her beautiful movies on which she worked for months… It’s not as if she’s making money of of them! If she gets one more warning her channel will be closed down!! So to support Biel and her amazing artwork me and some other sites/tweeps decided to name this wednesday #SupportBiel day: Go show your support on twitter by adding this twibbon to your avatar! You can also download this wallpaper:

Click here to download deskRob Support Biel! (1920 x 1200)

Credits for setting this up go to @bleriana

10 comments on “Support Biel!”

  1. I love and she sooooooooo deserves it. Your posting on tumblr and TOR correct?

  2. oh my… this is too much… I have no words :((( I really don’t deserve that much, but thank YOU so much, you’re the sweetest thing!
    Love YOU!

  3. This is wonderful. #ISupportBeil

  4. I love you and support you BIEL. FUCK SCUMMIT.

    You are so talented. You should be editing professionally.
    Don’t ever take your videos down. PLEASE. If you lose your YouTube, please promise that you will find somewhere else to post your videos. We WOULD MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!!! I’m with you girl!


  5. And dreamysim1 you and Biel have always been my heros of Rob perv creation land. NOBODY can touch either of your talents. FIRST CLASS.
    Thank you for doing this for BIEL. You are a love. 🙂

  6. thank you so much for being part of this bb!

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