deskRob Lemony Rob – A FanFic tribute

Like many of you know, I’m completely addicted to FanFic. The writers of these gems are supertalented and made me not by a book for some time now. To explain this deskRob: Lemons is the name for the hot sexy scenes in the FanFic. The tequila shot with lime refers to one of the hottest scenes I’ve read. It’s written by @HunterHunting in her fanfic Clipped Wings & Inked Armor. An amazing fanfic that should be made into a book….

Download deskRob Lemony Rob here (1920 x 1200)

6 comments on “deskRob Lemony Rob – A FanFic tribute”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Violet, DreamySim1. DreamySim1 said: GAH LemonyRob deskRob is up on my bloggie I love this pic of the GQ shoot: […]

  2. One of my favourite pics of him. i love it when he smokes. and the lemony goodness of this wallpaper is delicious. heehee..I may have licked the screen a few times.

  3. gosh I hate tequila, but I loooove this wallpaper! 😉

  4. omg! is it ever! ? I loved reading this scene as much as I’m sure everyone else did. and can’t you just see Rob doing these scenes for real? I mean yeah, it’s raunchy and erotic but so is Rob deep down inside and with a great big gob of loving, caring, sweetness daubbed in the center of his heart the size of the universe…he would do this for the right director and script writer. I know it. i can feel he would if he had more experience and a few more years age on him. Can you imagine the money the studio’s and he would make on this one. This would be his ‘Last Tango in Paris’. which by the way he and kristen partook of when they were getting to know each other before the shoot even began for Twilight. see youtube interviews from mtv. She gave that one up not him. And he looked really surprised she said it in an interview too like it was going to be just their little secret! Watch as he jerks his head in her direction taken aback! He is so full of surprises and deep unsaid things. He really takes it to the wire and tries things other people his age will not or are too inhibited to try. And he’s free with it and okay with it however you want to think about it. He truly loves acting and is willing to try anything….just another couple of actors I know from my generation. Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves and Mr. Robert Downey, Jr. to name the top 3 from my day…and they are in my book still as wonderful as they ever were. Mr. Pattinson is well on his way to their glory and most likely beyond. 🙂 Cheers Robert!

  5. awesome fan fic! very very hot!

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