Merry Christmas everyone – with love

When I started this blog on september 21, I didn’t know it would grow to become this big a love in my life… I started it, because I had the urge to make beautiful things, especially with all the beautiful pictures of Rob. Sharing these was a natural thing to do and I’m overwhelmed by the sweet, hartwarming responses I get. Thank you all for being such a wonderfull extraordinary fandom: I’m truly impressed by everything I’ve experienced in the last months.

Santa does exsist, because one of my wishes (according to the rumours) came true: Rob is with his loved ones in London without being papped: Merry Christmas, mr. Patttinson and thank you for being my beautiful muse 😉

@Late2thePartee, PattinAngelz and @ThinkingofRob: thank you for giving me a second home and all the love, I love you hard!!!
(Geez this was a bit mushy, but I meant every word – I’ll be back to pervin in no-time)

Download deskRob Merry Christmas from In my Dreams here (1920 x 1200)

2 comments on “Merry Christmas everyone – with love”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Loved this deskRob.

  2. Dreamy, thanks so much for all your gorgeousness you provide
    the pictures fill me with deep affection and also bursting pride
    i am so overwhelmed by the depth of your skills and digital talent
    and so appreciative for your focusing on Robert Pattinson…
    not that i need any more reason or rhyme or logic
    to be impressed and entangled in Rob’s alluring magic
    you make Robwatching even more intensely appealing
    expanding pictorally all the diverse emotions i am feeling
    big ups to you for taking the time and effort to share with us
    maker of lovely Robert images, digital imagineer maximus!
    love your work, love your clever creations
    love them feeding my undying Robert Pattinson obsessions!
    ciao bella, Feliz Navidad!

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