Hot XmassRob

9 comments on “Hot XmassRob”

  1. this has to be my favourite christmas one, cause ah yeah this is one of my fav pics too.

    And yes, i can see a look in his eyes, except what he’s saying to me.. is a little more raunchy than what he is saying to you. heehee

    ok.. i understand if you don’t let this one slide.

  2. Terrific WORK…PLEASE, keep gracing us with it all…Thanks 🙂

  3. O que eh isso? Um Deus??????
    Minha nossa!!!!

  4. upe and I am fan of Robert Pattinson from when he did Harry Potter.


  5. I love all your work. Do you take requests for fic banners?

  6. I really love this Christmas one and have it on my computer at work. I was wondering if you could do this pic without the Christmas theme? Love your work.


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