Vanity Fair BedRob no.1 of 3

Vanity Fair decided to bring out their last outtake (number 5) just when I was heading to bed: like I don’t need any sleep…at all… Anyway, my muse called and I did three quick deskRobs with them…Come dream in my bed, sweet Rob…

Download Vanity Fair BedRob no.1 here (1920 x 1200)

4 comments on “Vanity Fair BedRob no.1 of 3”

  1. i love VF Rob. i wish to take this opportunity to thank the photographer of this shoot for putting him on a bed, in those white sheets..

    this is my new desktop.. but like i said my desktop is a DreamySim1 deskRob Whore. haha

  2. u want to kill me heh? Thats so amazing..I love snowflakes…Okay, I love all your wallpapers. So I don´t comment all^^

  3. Ele é muito gato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Come dream in my bed, sweet Rob… +1
    veem,veem,veeem (6

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