I’m dreamin…

I like 2 dream…no I love to dream… And to share my dreams… My dreams aren’t unique I guess, but hey, a girl CAN dream, can’t she?

I don’t know what will happen 2 this blog… maybe raunchy details, fantastic FanFic-links, nice Rob smut (although there are a lot of good sites for that). There will definitly be a lot of deskrobbin…

Just remember; it’s just a dream… Here we go…

6 comments on “I’m dreamin…”

  1. OMG!! Your amazing! I love all of your deskRobs…Wow! just Wow!

  2. I totes agree with ATR!!! Your DeskRobs are amazing!!!!!

  3. Your deskRobs are the best!! You’re good at this, Dreamysim! REALLY good!

  4. Luvn the deskRobs!! You’re truly talented!!

  5. Thank you sooo much for my lovely twitterRobs!! I love them both, and will prob switch between them LOL

  6. We are so lucky to know someone like you who has so much love for Rob and her friends that she creates SUCH BEAUTIFUL desktop wallpapers of Rob that leave us breathless. Each one explodes with JOY upon opening. Yeah Yeah, I’m corny, but I love your work! 🙂

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