Shirt Designs Gideon’s Angels – Sylvia Day

If you’ve read the book series called Crossfire series by Sylvia Day, you know the main man (swoon) Gideon Cross. You certainly know he calls his loved one ‘Angel’ and as a fan of the book series I decided to design some shirt prints. • NOTE: These are NOT for sale and are not anywhere to be printed! This is pure fanart! •

If you haven’t read the books, here are some links (note: these are romance novels with explicit content: only meant for adults!)

Site of the amazing writer of the series Sylvia Day: CLICK HERE

Book one in the series: Bared to you CLICK HERE

Book two in the series: Reflected in you CLICK HERE

Book three in the series: Entwined with you CLICK HERE

and yes, there are more books to come!

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