Help us out! Get a custom designed, one of a kind wallpaper!

Doug is this amazing singer/songwriter who made this cover of Bon Iver’s song I Can’t Make You Love Me (click HERE to listen) for me and Marie for an auction. He’s got some amazing talent and I won’t ever stop promoting his musical talent. With that I’m asking you to help us out. Doug is going to Florida to work with dolphins and to help him out we need some donations: any donation however big or small is highly appreciated!

So as a thank you I’m willing to make you a custom designed, one of a kind wallpaper! All you have to do is donate at least $30 by clicking HERE and click on the Donate button in the sidebar, mail me the confirmation of donation and what you want and I’ll try and make you something you like.

If you’re interested in Doug and his music, click HERE

Also give him a follow on twitter here

And check our his website here

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