Contest entry cover design Sweet Hope by Wendy Higgins #2 of 4

For a contest (details HERE) I made a series of 4 designs. The contest is for the book Sweet Hope by Wendy Higgins, second book in the Sweet trilogy. (Good Reads link HERE). I wanted to emphasize the light and dark side which is centered in the series: the positive against the negative, the known and the unkown. I liked to keep it dark and mysterious and the tension between the main characters the main focus. Even though the title has hope in it I still wanted it to be just a little shimmer. The red fabric at the bottom of this one is a reference to the previous cover: the red dress. I’ll be posting one cover each day: go vote HERE for the best design!

Note: this one is not up for voting since I could only enter 3 designs. Still wanted to share it 🙂

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