Bel Ami wallpaper – blue version

8 comments on “Bel Ami wallpaper – blue version”

  1. Oh wow, I love the blue too! I can’t decide which I love more! Gah!!

  2. ooo. I love even better. My heart just flutters!

  3. […] Made by the talented Dreamysim. […]

  4. OMG Look at those eyes!! Its so beautiful!!! GAH! ~Missy

  5. […] In my dreams… Dreamysim1 on a dreamin' cloud – my deskRobs™ and iRobs™ and other wallpapers Bel Ami wallpaper – blue version […]

  6. I reported the ebay item and linked to this post. Hope it gets resolved.

    • thank you so much babes! *hugs* the person in question supposedly emailed someone that they took the item down. She’s gonna forward me the email: I’m still hoping eBay will do something about it.

  7. *UPDATE* some people are selling prints of this wallpaper on eBay: NEVER EVER PAY FOR THEM!!! these were created free and for fun! Not for selling!! If you ever find them: please link me and report them. Check my Credit and Disclaimer at the top right of my blog as well!

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