What’s in a name… Remembering Robert E. Pattison who died on 9/11

What’s it like to have almost the same name as a celebrity like Robert Pattinson? Loads will think it’s funny, but what if it’s a family member who died on 9/11? And when you google his name you get overwhelmed by fan websites? Over at Thinking of Rob we’re working on a special Remember 9/11 post where people can send in their story about 9/11. We got an email from Emily which left us shocked like almost all the stories do, but hers was a bit different because of the name of her family… to be more specific: her cousin Bob (Robert) E. Pattison who died in the attacks on 9/11….

As a tribute to him and Emily’s family we made a special post which you can read here.

Having an almost similar name sounds funny… but in tragedies like these it’s not funny at all….

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