Robert Pattinson wallpaper – Comic Con 2011

4 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper – Comic Con 2011”

  1. YEAH HOT HOT HOT. THANK YOU DREAMYSIM1 FOR THE PUNK ROCK ROB from Comic Con 2011. He’s so damned sexy no matter how he looks…this just made me picture a lot of roles he could play with hair like that. REALLY EDGY PARTS. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this Dreamy! MUAH MUAH MUAH!!! PUNK ROCK ROB ROCKS! 🙂 You made my day. 🙂 LOVE YOU GIRLIE! ROB HOORS UNITE!~
    love, PullMyDaisy2 also known as “Debbo” (music4debbo)

  2. Loving this – I agree I’ll take him anyway he comes (ya know up against a wall, lying down I aint fussy)! lol Seriously tho absolutely love the guy & Kristen – great couple.

  3. *runs around screaming* Thank you so, so much for doing a wallpaper with his wonky hair!! It distresses me a little that everyone is cropping out his hair in their edits of the ComiCon photos. The wonky hair is indicative of his IDGAF-attidude, and I LOVE that!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀

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