Happy two year anniversary Thinking of Rob!

Thinking of Rob, the site I blog for and have been for almost two years was created by Marie aka FP on july 13th 2009: she put in her heart and soul, blood sweat and tears and it has cost her loads of time and money, but ToR has become one of the biggest fansites about Robert Pattinson there is thanks to all that (we even beat CNN a few times for being the most visited blog of the day!). We need to put her and the site in the spotlight for that: so thank you Marie!!
Sweet Marie,
I’m so proud to be part of this amazing site and this amazing team for almost 2 years now: time flies! We’ve been through loads of ups and downs, had tons of fun during stressfull premiere events and giggled our asses off when we goofed around with the avatar and more. I can truly say I have found an amazing friend in you Marie and without you there wouldn’t be a ToR: you ARE ToR. It’s your baby and you made it to what it is: a place where tons of fans can meet. I Love all the ToR girls for all their amazing work and support: without you we couldn’t make ToR to what it is. Thank you for letting me be a part of this!
Love you

2 comments on “Happy two year anniversary Thinking of Rob!”

  1. Great wallpaper Dreamy! I’ve been a ToR supporter from the very start! When JustFP was just a regular RAoR Angel … then in mid or late July 2009, she created ToR. I love Marie and her site … and all the wonderful ToR ladies (past and present including you my dear sweet friend) that have made ToR what it is today! #sofa.king.proud {smooches} ❤

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