Robert Pattinson Wallpaper – Bel Ami #3

5 comments on “Robert Pattinson Wallpaper – Bel Ami #3”

  1. This is gorgeous Dreamy! Love the colouring … very à propos for the BA time period. ❤

  2. Cannot WAIT for this film. Wish they’d give us some solid info about it already. Gorgeous and lovely wallpaper, as per usual! 😉

  3. ronrtt pattinson deserves credit for even attempting to play such a role in movie bel ami. he is headed in the right direction in becoming a great actor.when bel ami was made he was only 23.young to play such a role. he is georgous looking, but that is has an inner quaility,that shines thru. he is a real artist, and an intellectual,has great charm and wit. he is serious and senstive enough which help him achieve what he wants from his career. lots lof luck to a real nice down to earth young man.

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