New Robert Pattinson wallpaper – Water for Elephants #1

6 comments on “New Robert Pattinson wallpaper – Water for Elephants #1”

  1. Oh … very pretty Dreamy! ❤

  2. Hey babes *waves* I seriously can’t even begin to say how much I love these new WFE Robowski deskRobs. Love the colouring and textures in both. Just beautiful – I am always, always in awe of your talents. You rock the DeskRobs. Thanks for sharing. *hugs*

    • aww thnx babes ❤ dont give me too much credit: you do amazing work yourself

      • Well, thanks babes – that’s really amazing to hear that from you. I don’t see it tbh and I just wanted you to know how much your work is appreciated. I don’t want to sound like a stalker but I’m a big fan!! 😉 *hugs* Hope all is good with you. ❤

  3. You ARE incredible. LOVE your work……and appreciate it so much. SO thanks!!!

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