New Robert Pattinson wallpaper – Cannes 2009

4 comments on “New Robert Pattinson wallpaper – Cannes 2009”

  1. Cannes….my kryptonite. So beautiful *sigh*

  2. Good gawd! *Swoon & Thud* CannesRob on the Pier is my 2nd fav. Rob (RomeRob being 1st for obvious reasons). But that pic. is my absolute fave from the bunch! #perfection #RobBodyPorn Thanks Dreamy! 🙂 ❤

    • I was looking for it in HQ but couldnt find it: HeidiforReal found it for me: I was thinking of making a wallpaper with this picture for a long time already and glad I finally did. And yes: CannesRob is yumm!!!

  3. […] New Robert Pattinson wallpaper – Cannes 2009 « Blog Archive « In … Tags: 2009, 2011, Cannes, DeskRob, desktop, Pattinson, Rob, Robert Pattinson, wallpaper. Category: desktop · Leave a Comment ». Robert Pattinson wallpaper in Cannes – 2009. Click here to download (1920 x 1200). Share this: Digg … Jan 01, 1970 12:00am […]

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