*WORLDWIDE CONTEST* Win 2 Eclipse Posters!

This is a first on my little blog: A CONTEST!

At the Eclipse Premiere Marathon I got these to posters (about 1 meter high) and decided to give them away in a contest. All you have to do is leave a comment in this post and tell me why you need to win them. Don’t worry if your comment doesnt pop up right away: I need to approve them. I’ll be numbering the comments and will draw a winner. You have untill monday midnight (Amsterdam timezone) to enter. I will anounce the winner after that 😉

YES the contest is WORLDWIDE and the posters are Dutch btw 😉

26 comments on “*WORLDWIDE CONTEST* Win 2 Eclipse Posters!”

  1. 1) I went to the Twilight night on the same day and I didn’t receive a poster … I feel left out. Oh and I understand the Dutch writing 😉
    Real reason I want them –> I’m drooling over Edward every time I see these posters. Would be great if I can be dazzled by him whenever I enter my room …

  2. 2) Why ? It’s a good question ! Maybe I’m a respectful fan and i’m kind ? I know, it’s not real (for the world ”kind”, lol)
    So, i enter and hope i’ll win !!
    Thx for this great contest ! 🙂

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ruthie and DreamySim1, DreamySim1. DreamySim1 said: *CONTEST* Win 2 Eclipse Posters!: http://wp.me/pEcDJ-mT […]

  4. 3) Hi! well i’m from México and it would be awesome if i win a poster! i want to have at least one poster of each movie so i hope to win!…

    greetings from México!

    And thanks 4 doing this contest!

    btw your wallpapers are amaziiiing.. ok i’m done…


  5. 4) well,first of all i saw some eclipse posters at borders but it’s so expensive just for one poster.and it will be so cool if i win.

  6. 5) Hello! I am a Huge Twi-guy from Australia!

    Why do I need them? Well, I have a HUGE poster collection! So far, I have 178 posters from different movies (Mainly from The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter) it it would be amazing to add posters from a different language! I also have a Twilight Merch collection so it would be nice to add them both to the poster collection and Twilight collection. (Yes I am also a closset Twi–guy so dont tell people at school… only me friends know :P)

  7. 6) Hello my name is Steffi and I am from Germany. Why I want to have the poster? I will never be able to have these posters in life because I live in Germany. The posters look breathtaking. I wish you all good luck. May the best man win 🙂 Lovely Greetings from Germany

  8. 7) I really want one of those. I’m a big twihard and winning one of those would totally make my day (and week)

  9. 8 ) I want to give them to my best friend who has let the saga take over her life! She talks about it every day and constantly quotes the books and the movie! 😀

  10. 9 ) I would LOVE to have a poster because my life just won’t be complete without one! Pretty please with sugar on top?

  11. 10 ) I have a twilight themed room/apartment! The posters would match everything I have! I currently only have Twilight and New Moon posters so NEED eclipse ones and as my dad is Dutch the writing wouldnt phase me! 🙂

  12. 11) I am Dutch and I’m living in Greece. Would have loved to go to the Marathon in the Netherlands and get my own posters, but no such luck. Here we can not buy any Twilight gadgets or posters, so I hope you are going to make me, a huge Rob fan, a very happy lady….

  13. 12) My daughter is getting a new room. It would be very nice to hang the posters there. Besides we are Dutch 😉

  14. 13 ) I do need them first of all, because i love the saga the books and the movies, and second, because here in Chile is quite difficult to find them in any store…. so please choose me instead of the rest (quoting Jake LoL!) and because all these good things are just for people from EE.UU. or Europe and i do want them!!!!!!

    See you!

  15. 14 ) I need to win them because if I don’t, I fear that I will die!! Seriously drop dead. You wouldn’t want that on your concious now, would you???

  16. 15 )
    The reason why I need them is that I have a big, yellow-colored empty wall, and it tortures me that it’s empty, and the poster would look sooo pretty hanging there.. Next to my bed..
    Okay, that’s not exactly what I wanted to say – every time I pass a poster with Rob, I start hyperventilating, and it’s pretty awkward when I’m out with some friends who don’t know how much I love Rob.. So it would be better to be prepared from home 😛

  17. 16 ) I would like to win the posters because I really enjoyed the first two Twilight movies, I haven’t seen Eclipse yet as it only just came out here in England but I hope to see it soon. (Notice I haven’t said I am a “Twihard” or that I am totally obsessed and madly in love with Twilight/Robert Pattinson to pursuade you to pick me? lol)… I like Twilight the appropiate amount 😉 However the fact that the posters are in Dutch suits me perfectly as I actually love to collect items which are written in different languages, for example when I go on holiday I like to bring back postcards, posters, cute shopping bags and such other items with foreign writing on them. I don’t have anything in Dutch yet so this would be a great and much appriciated addition to my collection! You are so kind to to this giveaway and I really would love to win. 🙂 x

  18. 17 ) Ohh..I love thiese posters so much 🙂 I’m going to have a new room, so it would be nice to have thise on my wall. I love the movie and everything related to twilight. Thank you so much for this contest, I wish I coul’d win.

  19. 18 ) I would LOVE to win them because I’m a huge fan of twilight! Right now, in my room I have posters of the Twilight and New Moon posters and I don’t have Eclipse poster yet so it would be so cool getting that. (:
    so it would fullfill my poster collection in my room and Eclipse is my fav Twilight saga movie so far.


  20. 19 ) Am I too late? When is it midnight in Amsterdam? *checks world clock* Um, I dunno really. I have one from New Moon so it will add to my collection.

    PS – Could you laminate it before sending, so that when it arrives it will be drool-proof? Time saving and all… 😉 lol


  21. 20 ) I need them because I’m obsessed with The Twilight Saga and all the Twilight stuffs. Even though I’m not, looking at their posters makes me feel much closer to them. Why me ? Because I infatuated the saga. This is very, very important to me. Especially where the posters come from is way more important. Like everyone else, I’m one of the huge Twilight fans too. I’m not sayin ‘I’m the hugest fan’. But, if you choose me, you will make me ‘The Happiest Twilight Fan’:)

  22. 21 ) I need them because due to certain “accidents” I have no posters anymore… no dreamy rob to droll over and entice sweet dreams from. Oh, and because I am a good person 😉

  23. To clarify: I will use a randomizer to pick a number: as you’ve noticed I numbered every comment in order in which they came in (some changed number because of that). It’s 20:24 here now, so you have 3 and a half hours to enter the competition 😉

  24. The contest is now closed: I’ll be drawing a winner and posting it here tomorrow morning at 11 AM (in 11 hours) Good luck!

  25. I really like twilight saga movie and I really hope to at least have a trio poster to look at every single day!!!:D:D:D

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