deskRob JapanRob for Hitomi

4 comments on “deskRob JapanRob for Hitomi”

  1. Nice to meet you I am Japanese named YOKO.

    It is a friend of hitomi that sent the photograph from Japan the other day.
    It got acquainted with the fan of Rob each other.
    I love character and photograph of hitomi.
    Your work was loved and hitomi was respected.
    Her photograph heard that it became a wonderful work by you.
    It was surprised very much.
    It was impressed because it was too wonderful when the work was seen.
    I came to E-mail feelings of thanks and respect.
    Thank you really.
    Hereafter, please create a wonderful work.
    It always assists from far Japan.


  2. That comment above is so priceless. 🙂

    THIS IS LOVELY…..dreamy….I love the rich quality of it so much.

  3. thank you, hitomi. and thank you, dreamy. you’re such a talented individual. keep the love coming. so good that the community is helping each other. that’s why i love you guys even more.

    light and love!

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