iRobs overview no. 7 for your iPhone

6 comments on “iRobs overview no. 7 for your iPhone”

  1. I really cant afford it, but these pictures make me want to get an ipod.
    You are so talented. 🙂
    I know rob is good looking and does a lot of the hard work making the photo look pretty but you create the perfect background for him 🙂

  2. opps I mean Iphone 😛

  3. You know you’re the reason i bought an iphone right?

  4. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  5. these are wonderful! I can’t seem to stop staring at them 😀

  6. I sadly don’t have an Ipod touch, but If I continue going through your wallpapers my laptop may become full within fifteen minutes. Nice work with all of these! I absolutely love them!

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