Respect Rob

– This post will stay on the frontpage the whole week. New deskRobs are added in the following pages. –

Today I saw a pap-pic that made me very sad… I love to know everything about him, but hate how people (PAPS) keep invading his personal life/time. Please respect the guy. Treat him, like you want to be treated. If you see him anywhere: don’t tweet, mail, talk or text about it until he has left the scene. This is something I vowed as PattinAngel… Also if you see paps stalking the scene he’s at: give them false info, redirect them to the wrong exit. I know being in the limelights has its downsides, but we as fans can make a difference. To keep us surviving the Robdrought that is upon us, I try to make more deskRobs. Look at the pretty we make instead of the damn pap-pics. I try to use pics from public shoots and avoid the nasty pap-shots… just so you know…

This is one of the reasons I never want to meet him….I don’t want to add to the stress….’I lust after the man, but worry about the boy’

Thinking of Rob started an action to support Rob and give a message to the paps: go to their site and support please!!!

-update- ToR started a site for the Fans Fight Back because of the enormous succes. Add your pics and let your voice be heard!

Download RespectRob here (1920 x 1200)


4 comments on “Respect Rob”

  1. Amen bb!!! My happy place is Rob and sad pappicRob is not what I want to see!! Your desktops…now that’s a happy place!!

  2. Beautiful DeskRob and nicely worded statement there, bb. The paps are a breed apart from decent human beings sometimes. There’s only so much a person can take and I don’t want to see Rob being hounded and harassed like that, it’s just despicable.

  3. Hello!
    I agree completely. I joined the “He doesn’t want this, neither do we” campaign yesterday but before I had seen what ThinkingofRob was doing, I decided to create a FB page to protest as well. It’s called “For the right to walk on the street”

    The pictures were really upsetting to me, and I just felt like I needed to do something, anything.
    I’m trying to get as many people to “become fans” of the FB page.
    My main concern is that once this blows over people will just sit aroud and wait for the next appalling pictures to surface to react again. We need to permanently state our disgust.

    Please help me spread the word and become a fan.
    Thank you for that and for this post. It’s great to know so many of us care.

  4. RO,
    essa é pra vc
    seu maridão
    vc vai amar que eu sei
    Beijão Lu

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