ThumbRob – with hottest pics of RomeRob 2008

5 comments on “ThumbRob – with hottest pics of RomeRob 2008”

  1. RomeRob is ALWAYS sexy!!!! and the thumb????? GAH!!!!

  2. I really what you are doing here, I just found it, I will be here often. If is alright for you I will use some of your pics in my blog. thank you.

    • As long as you source (mention and link my blog) it’s ok. Thnx for the compliment. All my deskRobs will be posted on twitter first before the get added to the blog. Tip: for an overview, click the button ‘Archive’ on the top right corner 😉

  3. sorry I think I made a mistake when I’d just click submit….I really like your work..

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