New York Rob

4 comments on “New York Rob”

  1. oh my GAWWWWD!!!!! *fetal position*

  2. This is one of my favorites right now. So elegant and classy. Lovely.

  3. Yes, this was the best of the lot in my opinion – the D&G suit and that olive green silk shirt just blew me away. That colour is gorgeous on him. And you did a fantastic job here.

    Where did I read that line (cannot remember it verbatim now) I lust after the man but I’m concerned about the boy?? I have been looking through your pics and it’s the only thing that keeps me from feeling guilty about this angelic man and the naughty things I conjure up in my mind about him. I don’t think we really will get enough of him soon.

    ~Droolz~ he makes my juices flow

  4. STILL another favorite STILL. Underplayed elegance. HIGH CLASS like an elegant restaurant in NYC. Just pure class.

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