PremiereRob LA Premiere New Moon 2009

The number of pics taken at this premiere were epic, and beautiful! Happy Rob = Happy DreamySim1. He looked so much more comfortable then last year. Hope he truly enjoyed himself too. Thnx for being genuine and beautiful, Rob 😉

Download PremiereRob here (1920 x 1200)

5 comments on “PremiereRob LA Premiere New Moon 2009”

  1. this is heaven…Rob(God)….ill never get any work done with this on my desktop….OH WELL!!!! thanks so much for this…i love your version of LAPremiereRob

  2. NICE !!!!!! LA Premiere Rob is fuckhawt and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks.

  3. dreamysim1,
    This is so gorgeous. I love this so much! LOVELY.

  4. He is so sexy gazing down like that. *thud*

  5. STILL one of my ultimate FAVS of yours. You make him LEAP off the screen like an explosion of stars.

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