deskRob™ LifeRob for @twilightangel17

She’s got the hottest AVI on twitter and is totally ‘pimpin’ me out in tweetworld, so I had to make her a deskRob™. The hot eyes are from the photocall in Paris today. The text is from an interview he gave, can’t remember which one, but @music4debbo mentioned it on RAoR. @Twilightangel17, I ❤ ya *licks avi* 😉

Click here to download LifeRob (1920 x 1200)

6 comments on “deskRob™ LifeRob for @twilightangel17”

  1. **sigh***

  2. WOW, Thanks for mentioning me. That was so sweet. I didn’t scroll down to see what you had written below the wallpaper. SO SWEET. You know I love your creations. HUG

    • *hug* love your replies on RAoR. Still thinking about making you a horny deskRob 😉

      • Hahahahahaha “horny deskRob”. Now that would be something….hips and “V’s” and mannips and manties and pecs and abs and ass candy and “button fly jeans” and Rob on a rug’s hip bone was hot too. Oh the mind wanders……Don’t get me started because I live in Rob porn land. It’s too hard not to because Rob is just FU*KHAWT. I think your deskRobs would all catch fire if you did “horny deskRobs”. It could be dangerous to all our hearts. LOL 😉 But the concept is definitely fun to think about!

  3. i’m just gonna say a big ol’ fat THUD.

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