GQRob for fellow PattinAngel @VancityLili

@VancityLili sent me some of her favourite Robpics and loved the GQ-one. The names of the files were super, like: ‘Pure Gold’, ‘Angel Eyes’ and ‘Most Beautiful Man Ever’. Loved them! Well again a hard time to decide which I like, so I gave her all three… enjoy! ❤ ya!

Download GQRob 01 here (1920 x 1200) like posted above

Download GQRob 02 here (1920 x 1200) without the colourful stripes

2 comments on “GQRob for fellow PattinAngel @VancityLili”

  1. Thanks hon, I ❤ ya hard. Just like Rob these are beautiful.

  2. Another jaw dropping beauty. SIGH. LOVE what you create!

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