I’ve been reading Emancipation Proclamation for a while now and totally love it. It’s a FanFic story by kharizzmatik, who has a beautiful, visual style of writing. I may or may not have licked my screen multiple times while making this! Oh FYI the double ff in Mafia: inside joke for myself: in Dutch you can write it with ff.

Download the MafiaPrinceWard here (1920 x 1200)

9 comments on “MafiaPrinceWard”

  1. Jeetje-mineetje………………. wat ontzettend gaaaaf wat je allemaal maakt!

    Ik mail je zeker binnenkort, en spreek je vast ook wel weer op Roar! En wat is hij ook hier weer abnormaal aantrekkelijk….. (en dat terwijl hij eigenlijk niet zo’n mooie neus heeft….)

    • Thnx! Ik ben in no time verslaafd geraakt en kan niet meer stoppen. Enige uitweg tot een beetje rust is het maken van deze desktops. Ik zie je mail graag tegemoet! Fijn om een fellow-PattinPerv in den landen te hebben!
      Sorry, just had to reply in my native Dutch 😉

  2. I think THIS one is my favorite. I love the textures, richness, colors. I adore the way you made the ghost like picture of Rob licking his thumb and I ADORE the glowing way you made his skin and hair look in the beautiful Rome Rob picture you used on the left. I even love the delicate graphics and there’s still areas left open to let it breathe.


  3. this one kills me…romerob is my heart and i LOVE the 2 pics used…and his neck!!! GAH!!!!!

  4. Dear Dreamy,
    did you see the post on RAoR today regarding kharrizmattik being terribly ill and having a miscarriage?

    Very sad…my heart and prayers go out for her!

    • I saw the post… It’s terrible. I’m in my last chapter she posted of EP, but have mixed feelings now reading it. Definitly sending all the positive vibes their way. ❤

  5. I don’t know how I haven’t been to your site before tonight. Just when I think I found “the one” I want to put on my desktop, I find myself drooling over another one. At the end of the day, though, Rome Rob still does it for me. Your entire porfolio of work is gorgeous, but this one? Died.

    Is there any way at all that I could get this one without the mafia tagline? I haven’t read EP (*ducking* I’m really, really new to ff and a little overwhelmed, yet).



  6. This is STILL one of my very favorites!!!!!

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