Tattward & Bella for SpunkMe & Soccermom

Like SpunkMe posted on RAoR:
Smom found this picture the other day after we read the last posted chapter of CW & IA. I picked out what sub we wanted for Rob and contacted DreamySim1 and asked her to help us out. As you will see, she did a MAGNIFICENT job on this pic for all of us to enjoy of Tattward and Bella. If this doesn’t make you salivate for hunterhunting to publish the next chap, I don’t know what will!!!


And send your love shout outs to Smom and Dreamy too for this one if you love it too!!!

***SPOILER if you haven’t read last posted chapter of CW & I A***

From chapter 24 A Precarious Avalanche:

“He stepped out of the car and slammed the door behind him. I heard the crunching of stone beneath his feet as he walked quickly around the front of the car, which was still running. He wrenched open my door and leaned on the frame looking down at me, his eyes dark and his lips parted as he wrapped his long fingers around his c*ck, stroking up the sh*ft and running his thumb over the he*d. Understanding dawned on me: it was too tight in the car.

“Well, Kitten?” One corner of his mouth turned up in a smile as I processed his words.

It was too tight in the car.

Oh. My. God. Edward wanted to fuck me on his car.”

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