DumpsterRob?! – for Unleishd & AddictedtoRob

Unleishd & AddictedtoRob did a guestpost on RAoR that was hilarious. I can’t explain the hole story behind the Dumpster Diving Team: you should read the reply-posts over at RAoR to figure that out. Anyhows, for our leading ladies in the Dumpster Diving Team I made a DeskRob. It’s also made with just Robert Pattinson on it, if you don’t want the DD-Team (or don’t want to know about it).

DeskRob with Dumpster Diving Team can be downloaded here (1920 x 1200)

Deskrob with Robert Pattinson can be downloaded here (1920 x 1200)

4 comments on “DumpsterRob?! – for Unleishd & AddictedtoRob”

  1. <—- LMAO!! This is made of all kinds of awesome. I love the RAoR logo in the back ground. ❤

  2. Thank You soooo much again for making this for us. You are one talented chickie!!!! *smooch*

  3. That is one of my favorite pics of Mr.Pattinson, lookin’ all stalkerish and smoking hawt…Gaaah!! and the dumpster and RAoR logo just make this DeskRob all kinds of awesome!

    Thank you so much for making this for Leisha and I. Were so happy that you and all the other RAoR ladies were digging our guest post!

    I’m completely blown away by your talent and ALL of your DeskRob’s are f*ckhawt! I ❤ your face! Thanks again!!

  4. hahahahahhahhahhahahhah I hadn’t seen this one yet.
    OH YOU ARE AMAZING! So funny. 🙂

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