RomeRob – for HeidiForReal

Fellow PattinAngel and master at jizztyping with me asked me to make a background for her twitter. After a bunch of pics she decided it should be RomeRob. And the sex-me eyes should be a part of the pic. The sentence ‘When in Rome’ is an add on by me: a reference to the smile (and probably the fun) he had. Hope you like it @HeidiForReal. Oh, and she’s got 2 send to her: up to her which one she wants to use for her twitterpage 😉

Maybe I’ll make more RomeDeskRobs: there are such great pics of him from Rome…

Download the RomeDeskRob here. Size: 1920 x 1200 pixels

3 comments on “RomeRob – for HeidiForReal”

  1. Another job well done Dreamy! You can’t go wrong with RomeRob desktops, he’s just so beautiful “when in Rome”. Love it!

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