Tattward RAoR-header

I promised JAG a new header for the site of RAoR. It was supposed to be a Robheader but resulted in a Tattward-header. The PattinAngelz love Tattward, the Fuckhawt guy in the FanFic ‘Clipped Wings and Inked Armor‘ by Hunterhunting. It’s got superhot lemons and cupcakes… The Heart and Wings in the back are my vision of the tattoo’s Tattward en Bella have in the story mixed together… This one is a great start for some deskRobs…yeah more than one defenitly.

2 comments on “Tattward RAoR-header”

  1. This is beautiful Dreamy. You make the best desktops ever!!!

  2. Is that muffins? lol
    Well, Rob is sweet!
    Love love love it!

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