My first DeskRob…

Made it 4 fun and posted it on my twitter and on Random Acts of Rob. Got a lot of positive reactions, so I guess I’m now addicted not only to Rob, but to making Deskrobs too… After this one I did a private one for @Late2thePartee, also known as JAG of Random Acts of Rob. She needed a present. It won’t be up anywhere unless she wants it too… I will probably be making one every week or so (if RL will allow it) and it will probably be on show over at Random Acts of Rob (and of course my twitter).

Click here to download the desktop (1920×1200)

Click here to download the iRob

Click here to download iRob 02 (just the pic on the right is in this one)

7 comments on “My first DeskRob…”

  1. This is the backgorund on my minilappy! I lurv it! People at school keep asking me: Wow!! Who IS that guy?? He’s HOT!

  2. You are AWESOME at making these!! Definitely on the top of my fave desktops!! =)

  3. you are genius. i can’t get over these. i’ve seen the links and the shouts at raor, but this is the first i am getting to see your work.
    holy crap.
    i remember the post at raor where that quote was born (forgetting at the moment who coined it) but it absolutely fits my feelings about him.
    excellent work.

  4. This one has become what legends are made of…..such a great idea. NICE!

  5. […] is the third one I made. The other ones I’ve added to the deskRobs from which I made them: my first deskRob and VanRob for @HeidiForReal. This one ‘iBedRob’ is just nice to wake up to […]

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